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The YouthBol Seven Pillars for Health & Wellbeing

Mind Matters

Body Matters

Eating Right

Substance Misuse

No Means No

Feeling Fit

My Health Rights 

No. 1
Leading cause of death globally in 15–19 year olds - SUICIDE
People died in road accidents in the year 2015.
1 in 0
Young people aged 15-25 years know how to prevent HIV
out of 1000 young people (10-24 years) died due to drug-use disorders.
7 in
Women raped in India in 2015 were in the age –group of 12-29 years.

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‘...it is extremely important for youth like us to fill these forms and talk about what we want , that is one way we can be heard’
‘For youth health, I would really like for government facilities to become more accessible’